We gently would like to invite you to our art studio, where creativity is stimulated both by tradition and history. This time, the inspiration for the activities will be among the museal items from the exhibition space of the Manor from Żyrzyn – a cambric bedspread in the guest room and a cotton tablecloth on the chest of drawers in the dining room.

Merezhka is an openwork embroidery created by combining threads remaining after pulling a strand of weft or warp threads from the fabric. The embroidery is delicate and elegant. Openwork patterns were often used to decorate napkins, tablecloths, collars and pieces of clothing.

During the workshops, participants will make hemstitch embroidery and openwork on a linen napkin.

The classes are dedicated to all the adult people, who are beginning their adventure with this kind of handicraft. The museum provides all necessary materials and tools. The works created during the workshops will be the property of the participants.

Workshop duration: 2 hours (10:30-12:30)

Tickets price: PLN 30

Place: School from Bobrowniki (Miasteczko sector