This Sunday, the Lublin Village Museum invites you to “Harvest in the Open-Air  Village Museum”. The center stage of events will be located in the field between the homestead from Urzędów and windmill from Zygmuntów (Lublin Upland sector), where our guests will be able to see how reaping and mowing were looking like, how the straw ropes were being made and how the sheaves were being put together. The presentation will  give you a piece of knowledge about the importance of these activities not only for rural community.



11.00 am-2.00pm (area between windmill  and homestead from Urzędów):

– demonstration of  using a sickle

 – demonstration of  mowing with the scythe

 – the harvesters’ relaxation and meal 

11.00 am -2.00 pm – presentation of the stories about working in the windmill and producing the flour (the windmill from Zygmuntów),

12.00-1.30 pm –  demonstration of threshing with a flail (barn of the Farm from Urzędów).


Tickets: PLN 25/normal, PLN 15/reduced  ( for the entitled person), PLN 50 – family ticket (with  “Large Family Card”, “Regional Large Family Card”, “Family 3+” card).



At 3 pm, after the event, the Holy Mass will be celebrated in the Church of Matczyn Those who arrive only for Mass, are asked to wait tn the reception 15 minutes before celebration. Our guides will show you the way.