Hay making

The grass is tall and just blossoming, so it’s about time to mow it. Therefore we are glad to invite you for hay making. The event will start in the Lublin Upland sector (the farm from Żuków) at 11.30 AM with an introduction – peening the scythe on the log. Then, at 12.00, the mowers will move to the Powiśle sector, where will takie place a demonstration of works  including: mowing, raking and turning hay. In addition to the opportunity to look at old farm activities, you will be able to learn about the functions of basic agricultural tools used during haymaking and to watch their practicacal use. The whole will be accompanied with commentary, allowing participants to gain the knowledge about presented works, their role in ancient peasants’ life, and also about the importance of hay itself. This is a great opportunity to spend the next Sunday in an interesting and pleasant way in the meadows at the Lublin Village Museum.

At 3.00 PM Holy Mass will be celebrated in the Church in Matczyn.