Visit of the member of British royal family

On a rainy Wednesday afternoon, 17th of May,  the Lublin Village Museum had the opportunity to welcome an extraordinary guest. George Windsor, Earl of St. Andrews, member of the British royal family – great-grandson of King George V, visited our Museum as part of his journey to Poland, during which the aristocrat was to Warsaw, Sandomierz and Gorlice. His main goal was to donate to the National Library an highly valuable, 16th-century book, “L’histoire de Primaleon de Grece” by Francisco Vázquez. George Windsor bought this  many years ago when he was a history student at Cambridge. After some time, he became interested in the seals on the covers of the book. Thanks to this, he discovered that publication had been part of the Załuski’s Library, hence the decision to ceremonially hand the priceless book to the National Library in Warsaw. But this was only the beginning of the Count’s visit to Poland. George Windsor does not hide his enormous interest in our country. He owes it to his grandfather, who was  often traveling to Poland during the 1930s, where he made friends, including Gen. Wł. Sikorski. Mr. George Windsor was also learning Polish so he is able to read in our language, and has wide knowledge of Polish history. Mr. George Windsor spent in the Lublin Village Museum about one hour. The rainy weather didn’t scare him. He was looking with interest at the cottages, as well as the church and manor house. In the latter, he drew attention to objects related to his homeland, such as English tea cans or an over-100-years-old edition of “The Jungle Book”. The distinguished guest was accompanied by an employee of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London, Ms. Clarinda Calma, and Mr. Roman Jaborkhel from the Lublin City Hall. On behalf of the Lublin Village Museum, his guide was Agata Witkowska.