Virtual Tour realised as a part of the task “This way”. Digital accessibility at the Lublin Open Air Village Museum’s

We are pleased to present you a virtual tour which is the result of the first stage of the project “This way. Digital accessibility at the Lublin Open Air Village Museum. he task is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as a part of the “Culture in the Web” grant program supervised by the National Center for Culture.

The virtual tour is available on the website of the Lublin Open Air Village Museum in two language versions – Polish and English. Thanks to it, you can see 5 objects, 9 exhibitions and 24 interiors. While visiting the Lublin Open Air Village Museum, you will get to know places that show the diversity of life of pre-war inhabitants of Lublin’s villages and small towns. We invite you to take a look at the windmill from Zygmuntów, the farmstead from Teodorówka, the arcaded house from Wojsławice, the manor house from Żyrzyn and the Orthodox church from Tarnoszyn. The virtual tour s even more interesting as it shows the spaces that no tourist usually reaches – such as an alcove in a cottage or the last floor of a mill. The presentation of the exhibition is completed with a description that visitors can read or listen to – extending their knowledge about a given place. Additionally, the same content is presented in the form of videos in the Polish Sign Language. During such a trip, thanks to the excellent quality of photos, you can see 110 selected monuments from a very close distance and learn detailed information about them. Beautiful photographs along with a valuable substantive layer complement the atmospheric sounds that could once be heard in the visited places.

A virtual tour is is a perfect solution for people who are hundreds of kilometers away from theLublin Open Air Village Museum, for history lovers and for those of our guests who would like to get to know the Lublin museum even more closely. It can also be used as an auxiliary material for conducting lessons at school. And even complement the individual walk around the Lublin Open Air Village Museum. We invite you to a virtual tour.