– the latest publication of the Museum

“The Town of Reborn Poland” (Miasteczko Polski Odrodzonej) – the latest publication of the Lublin Open Air Village Museum

The latest catalogue “The Town of Reborn Poland – an exhibition and monuments in the Lublin Open Air Village Museum on the influence of the law of the Second Republic on values and everyday life” published by the Lublin Open Air Village Museum presents interiors and related objects, also indicates museum events inspired by them, which take place in a provincial town in the Lublin Open Air Museum. The leading theme of the publication is the historical context of the reborn and consolidating statehood of the Second Republic through the prism of created legislation and organization of everyday life. Among the topics discussed by the catalogue are: “Revenues from monopolies carry the budget. Polish Tobacco Monopoly. Tobacco”, “Anniversaries in the life of the nation”, “National canned jars! “Pol”? – or Weck”, “Flax case in the Second Republic”. The key to taking up selected issues from the social and economic life of pre-war towns became the museum interiors and the monuments presented in them.

The catalogue contains photographs, illustrations, catalogue notes and notes historically binding the presented objects, as well as proposals for educational activities based on them. The publication is the result of many years of research by the Museum’s researchers, authors of exhibition scenarios and, at the same time, custodians of collections of key importance for the content of the catalogue.

The Publication was created as part of the task “The Town of Reborn Poland – preparation and publication of a catalogue of exhibitions and monuments in the Lublin Open Air Village Museum” co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the Fund for the Promotion of Culture.