22th of August 2021

This Sunday, the Lublin Open Air Village Museum will be holding “The Manor Harvest Festival”. The event will start at 2:00 pm with a Holy Mass in the historic church from Matczyn. On Sunday, like in the past, the collator lodge in the church will be reserved for the family of the heir and the nave will be reserved for harvesters with harvest wreaths. After the Holy Mass the harvest festival procession will march to the manor from Żyrzyn. As in the past, the most important moment of the ceremony this Sunday will be the giving of the harvest wreath to the host. The ceremony, which will be presented in the Museum, was cultivated in the 1930s in the estate of Krychowskis from Sławin district (the former owners of the place where the Open Air Museum in Lublin is located) and of the Kiełczewski estate in Guzówka.

Tickets: 20 PLN/regular, 10 PLN/reduced