10th May, 2019

The Lublin Open Air Village Museum kindly invites everyone to visit its premises free of charge during this year’s Open Days of European Funds. As a part of the programme, an event entitled Provinicial town in close-up is organised. The event is an opportunity to meet the authors of the interior exhibition of the museum town as well to discuss the exhibits and the making of individual components of the provincial town dating back to 1930s.


*The town was designed on the basis of the typical plan for small towns of the south-eastern Poland of late 1930s. The layout is consistent with the European tradition and based on Magdeburg rights. The village was constructed on a high bank of river valley and, as it opens to the bank, what not only recreates the proper historic-landscape relationship but also shows the typical historical relationships „village-manor house- town”. The urban interiors as a market square with a well, squares, streets and corners were created according to the tradition and based on historical research.

The town-museum shows the vast diversity of interiors, including dwelling houses, a church, a parsonage, shops, workshops, the mayor’s house. The town hosts theatrical performances, celebrations and museum events.


**The project  PROVINICIAL TOWN OF CENTRAL EUROPE IN THE LUBLIN OPEN AIR VILLAGE MUSEUM (MIASTECZKO PROWINCJONALNE EUROPY ŚRODKOWEJ W MUZEUM WSI LUBELSKIEJ W LUBLINIE) is co-financed from The European Regional Development Fund under the 2007-2013 Regional Operational Programme for the Lublin Voivodship.


10th May 2019, from 10 am to 2pm


You can sightsee among others:

Hersz Libhaber’s from Siedliszcze house

  • tobacconist’s
  • hardware shop
  • Jankiel Struzer’s from Dubienka hairdresser’s
  • post office
  • Moszek Klainer’s kitchen


The Jaworski from Siedliszcze house

  • beerhouse
  • butcher’s


A house from Wojsłowice

  • sewing workshop
  • shoe upper maker’s workshop
  • shoe maker’s workshop
  • Fajwel Szyld’s kitchen


  • the mayor’s flat in the house from Wąwolnica
  • Zygmunt Ćwikliński’s from Bełżyce wheeler’s workshop
  • barn from Tyszowce


You are warmly invited to come!


The event is organised as a part of the Open Days of European Funds.

On the day, the entrance to the museum is free of charge.