5th of September 2021

The Lublin Open Air Village Museum invites visitors to take part in the Pierzak event on Sunday afternoon, the 5th of September 2021, between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm. This event is a reference to the old communal work once performed by village housewives. It will be a performance in the spirit of amateur folk theatre.

On a late autumn afternoon in one of the Chełm Land villages, a group of women are tearing feathers. Every year this was done quietly, but on this day, unexpectedly, the following people appear in the room on the trot: a beggar with some stories from the world, a couple of Jewish itinerant traders and a beau with his cat and they all are about to blow feathers all over the room.

The performance entitled “Pierzaki kumowskie” will be performed by the Kumowianki group from Kumów, volunteers, friends of the Lublin Open Air Village Museum and students of Zespół Szkół nr 12 in Lublin.

Event location: the Roztocze sector right next to the homestead from Teodorówka.


* The Pierzak – was a long-standing Polish tradition. In winter, girls and married women got together to pluck goose feathers for pillows and comforters.