Cottage from Brzeziny open from 17 September 2020

Ladies and gentlemen.

We are proud to announce that in two weeks from September 17, 2020 , the Museum opens a new exhibition for visitors – houses from Brzeziny in the Vistula region sector. It is the crowning achievement of many years work of museum workers.

Houses from Brzeziny, built in 1789, still in the times of serfdom, present a unique exhibition, set in the most distant times of all those so far reproduced at the Lublin Open Air Village Museum. The exhibition dates back to 1881, when the cottage was inhabited by the two-generation family of Jakub and Agnieszka Gruz. It means that it is almost a quarter of a century older than the earliest chronological horizon of permanent exhibitions so far made available in the Lublin museum, i.e. houses from Tarnogóra – approx. 1900 and houses from Urzędów – approx. 1905, both located in the Lublin Upland sector.

The exhibition of houses from Brzeziny includes many reproductions and reconstructions, but also archaic items from other subregions of the Lublin region. The furnishings of the room are simple pieces of furniture, modelled on iconographic materials showing peasant chambers from that period. In this way, there were created i.a. both beds, a table, a bench under a shelf for dishes and a bench used for eating meals and performing some farm work. The exhibition shows the early period of the formation of the decorum of the peasants’ chamber – there is a table cross, a cross on the wall and only a few holy pictures.

The opening of the exhibition will be accompanied by the publication of Houses from Brzeziny catalog at the Lublin Open Air Village Museum. A journey to the 19th century countryside, which will soon be available on our website in PDF format.


We invite you to visit houses from Brzeziny starting from September 17!


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The author of the newly created exhibition is the curator Łucja Kondratowicz-Miliszkiewicz. The curator conducted her own ethnographic studies and a genealogical query and used the studies of the curator Zbigniew Burczak, reviews by prof. Roman Reinfuss and works by Ryszard Królikowski – the first director of the Lublin Open Air Village Museum after being moved to Sławin.