From 30th November – 2nd December 2018 the National Agricultural Exibition will take place at the Poznań International Fair organised in reference to the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining Independence by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Together with the National Museum of Agriculture and Agricultural-Food Industry in Szreniawa the following museums will be presented: The Lublin Open Air Village Museum, Museum of Folk Culture in Kolbuszowa, Museum in Łowicz and The Rev Krzysztof Kluk Museum of Agriculture.


The programme of the Exhibition includes among others:


– exhibition of historic agricultural machines, including steam traction engine produced in H. Cegielski Stock Company in Poznań in 1919,

– booth devoted to thatched roofs,

– booth devoted to making twines,

– booth devoted to sharpening a scythe,

– booth of a potter from the Lublin region,

– booth of a saddler – presentation of the sewing of horse harnesses,

– presentation of the model of a post mill,

– demonstration of building of a miniature country cottage,

– demonstration of binding sheaves used for roofing,

– herbal booth as well as booth committed to popularisation of the topics related to the need to protect bees,

– an interactive booth presenting the folk costume of Łowicz,

– meeting with Polish paper cutter and embroideress from the Łowicz region,

– meeting with the champion of traditional sewing and embroidery from Subcarpathia,

– booth of a weaver,

– booth with folk toys,

– booth devoted to butter production and artificial cow milking,

– grinding grain on querns,

– production of groats in groats mortars,

– booth devoted to folk jewellery making,

– booth devoted to observation of pests damaging grains under the microscope,

– agricultural archival movies,

– moreover: animations, games and contests for visitors.