Monika Trypuz, born in 1981 in Chełm, is the author of the works presented at the “ATENCJE/ROCZNIK WSI” exhibition. She graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, obtaining a diploma in two specialties: Workshop Graphics (under the supervision of Prof. Rafał Kochański) and Illustration and Publishing Graphics (under the supervision of Prof. Błażej Ostoja Lniski). Since 2005, MA in Mathematics (KUL in Lublin). Graphic designer, illustrator cooperating with publishing houses and cultural institutions. As she says about herself – she is a visual artist working in the field of critical art and speculative design. Her recent interests focused on Polish folk culture and handicrafts.

At the exhibition, a thread will lead us to the past, to a country cottage. It will create weft and warp, take us to the weaving workshop from which the perebores were coming out, and lead us towards the future – towards the new digital techniques that recreates the modules of traditional patterns written in code line by line.

In addition, on November 13 at 1:00 p.m a curatorial tour, conducted by the author of the work, Monika Trypuz, will be organized. The following issues will be discussed during the tour:

  • stencil as a record of memory and the starting point of “Attention”,
  • evolution of the techniques of working on looms – light boxes and mapping,
  • an attempt to combine two trends in contemporary art: return to craftsmanship and new technologies,
  • “Pereborial network” – artificial intelligence designs new ornaments.

There are limited places for curatorial tours. Registrations are made at tel. 81 533 85 13 ext. 36.

Admission ticket (as part of the MWL ticket): PLN 20 / normal, PLN 10 / reduced