“Love and longing are the two spinners of our lives.”
Saint Valentine’s Day in
the Lublin Open Air Village Museum | 15th February 2020

On Saturday 15th February 2020, between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM, the Lublin Open Air Village Museum invites you to spend St. Valentine’s Day with your chosen ones. On this day, we have prepared 30 double tickets for the couples who have arrived, allowing them to take a short guided tour of the Mataczyn Church, where we will focus our attention especially on the history of St. Valentine’s Altar and the life of the figures engraved on it. Here you can learn what miracles he did and whose patron he is. You will also learn why there is a baby at his feet. After the visit to the oldest building of the open-air museum in Lublin, we will go to the nearby cemetery lapidarium located just outside the fence of the parish plot to stand by the tombstone cross and listen to the true story of the tragic love between Janek Siegieda and Janina Bednarek.

At the school in Bobrowniki, on the other hand, it will be possible to play the social card game “Flirt”, sit comfortably with a cup of coffee or tea while reading the matrimonial announcements from almost a century ago. Reading the short advertisements will allow you to find out what qualities of a future husband or wife were the most desirable at that time. Moreover, guests will be able to take a commemorative photo in a specially prepared for this occasion photo studio. For the arriving couples, there will also be a carriage ride, from which you can admire the Lublin Open Air Village Museum.



PLN 16.00 – full ticket

PLN 6.00 – reduced ticket