A competition for children and teenagers

The Lublin Open Air Village Museum in cooperation with the Polish Radio Lublin joins the celebrations of the year 2020, specially dedicated to the figure of the Polish Pope, by organizing a competition entitled “Let’s preserve this treasure!” addressed to children and teenagers, starting from the students of the third grade of primary school to the last grade of secondary school.


The competition aims to collect the memories of people who participated in John Paul II’s visit to Lublin, Czuby on 9th June 1987 and preserve them for future generations.

In order to take part in the competition, you just need to conduct an interview with a participant of the Holy Father’s visit to Lublin, record this person’s memories, or scan photos related to the event and send them to the Museum’s e-mail address (edukacja@skansen.lublin.pl).

Detailed information will be available soon.