I WILL BE THE BLACKSMITH – theatrical workshops
11 March 2018

On Sunday, 11th of March from 12 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. we invite children above the age of 9 with their parents for performance entitled “I will be the blacksmith”, in which everybody can take place. The performance in a poem written form is a walking tour around the Open-Air Village Museum.

Twelve-year-old Maciej wants to be a blacksmith. His father takes him to the forge, where works a blacksmith Jędrzej. He agrees to takes Maciej on as journeyman on condition that he will come to the practice with his own anvil – it is one of the most expensive craft tools. Not only Szczepan, Maciek, blacksmith’s wife but also merchants wonder how to get an anvil for him. When it’s a deal it’s an idea. There are two anvils in a shop in a village. One stands on the counter and helps the shop assistant. The another one sleeps on the floor and is ready to help in any time.

We will meet at 12 p.m.  on the game-exhibition “We build Lublin” in the town hall from Głusk in Museum’s town. At 2 p.m. after the performance we will meet again in town hall from Głusk, where we will be talking for a while.

We encourage you to play a role, dialogue lists are prepared to read it out loud. We invite all of you to perform not only as an audience, but also to take part in the parade or be a part of an audience (depending on action). The actors will get the identifying clothes. The roles are only to read them out loud – if less than 8 actors appear, the curator will take the role of narrator. The form of the performance is casual – we can both join in the parade and leave it at any moment. Getting bored, being interested, other duties, deadlines! – I understand it, I can play as I can.

We cordially invite

Grzegorz Miliszkiewicz


*in case of raining the performance ”I will be the blacksmith” will not take place, in return we invite you to join a game “We build Lublin” and a trip to forge, in which blacksmith Jędrzej will work.


Tickets: 6 PLN