How can I help the bees?
Art contest for children

The Lublin Open Air Village Museum invites pre-school and primary school 1st-3rd grade students to take part in the art contest ‘How can I help the bees?’ organised by the Marshall’s Office of the Lubelskie Voivodeship as a part of education and information campaign ‘Lubelskie – together for the bees’.

The main purpose of the Contest is to spread among the children the knowledge of the role and significance of both honeybees and wild bees. The Contest is intended to focus on the issues related to the widely understood environmental protection, including preserving the biodiversification of the Lublin region’s flora, the balance between species and the correct functioning of the whole ecosystem and raising and upholding the aesthetic values, as well as stimulating the children’s creativity and interest in the surrounding nature, along with personal responsibility of each person for the state of the environment.

The entries should be submitted by 25 May 2020.


*The contest is organised in cooperation with:

-Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Lublin (co-organiser)

-The Education Office in Lublin (co-organiser)

-Lublin Landscape Parks Unit (partner of the contest)