15 April 2018

On Sunday, the 15th of April, from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. in The Open-Air Village Museum an event connected with a farm year in the village, Horse ploughing and spring field works show, will take place. During the event traditional field works using old tools popular in the past in rural homesteads will be carried out. What is more, on that day there will be an opportunity to see different types of horses used as a help in field works. There will also be presentations of horses used for transportation. An additional attraction will be horse carriage rides and for children – horse cartload rides.


The event is organised in cooperation with: University of Science in Lublin, Department of Breeding and Use of Horses, Lublin Horse Breeders Association, Lublin Agricultural Advisory Center in Końskowola, Polish Association of Users and Friends of Workhorses and Horse Producers of Healthy Food.