HANDS FULL OF WORDS final of the Lublin Open Air Village Museum project

Task “Hands full of words. Adapting the form of conveying the content of the museum exhibition to the needs of deaf people” („Ręce pełne słów. Dostosowanie formy przekazu treści ekspozycji muzealnej do potrzeb osób głuchych”) is another step towards building the accessibility of the Lublin Open Air Village Museum for people with disabilities – this time for people with hearing impairments. The aim of the project is to promote the idea of eliminating barriers that discriminate disabled people and their participation in culture. The project accomplishment assumed the modernization of 58 permanent exhibitions of the Lublin Open Air Village Museum in a way that would enable the deaf to get to know the museum.

As a result of several month hard work of the task team in cooperation with consultants – representatives of the deaf community, the museum has been equipped with elements that will allow exploration independently and effectively of the Lublin Open Air Village Museum. These are: films with a translator of Polish Sign Language, instructor and subtitles in Polish about 58 museum exhibitions available to the deaf through the QR code system. The codes with basic information about a given monument, both in Polish and in English, which can be found in wooden bindings next to individual objects. In addition, as a part of the project, marking of the Museum area was prepared in the form of signposts and information boards located in key points of the open air museum space. The facilities implemented under the project are almost universal in reception and will certainly serve not only the deaf, but also all other visitors and walkers.

The task was accomplished thanks to financial support of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage under the program Supporting museum activities .