29th of August 2021

On Sunday 29th of August 2021, between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm, the Open Air Village Museum in Lublin will host an event called Flax Sunday. The event will be dominated by the flax. A variety of presentations will be given, starting with a flax harvest in a field of mature flax by the windmill of Zygmuntów. There will be no shortage of hand processing of flax, i.e. grinding, scutching and combing the fibre with a weaving brush. Visitors who come to the open-air museum on that day will be able to see work at a reel, a weaving workshop or a rope-making workshop where the method of making ropes will be demonstrated. In addition, visitors of our Museum will learn how homespun cloth was measured using old measures of length that were used in the Polish lands of the Russian partition, and later also in independent Poland.