August 28, 2022

The end of August is the time of the flax harvest. On the last Sunday of August, we invite you to such a show at the Lublin Village Museum. We will start at 11.00 a.m. But this is not the only attraction of the day. You will also have a chance to see the process of scrutching with a flaxbreak, combing the fibre, spinning and weaving the linen, bleaching and printing the linen fabric, measuring the canvas with the old measures (arshin and elbow), making the ropes. There will also be attractions for the youngest.


Event schedule:

11.00-11.40 – linen harvest show (a field of flax near the forest, Lublin Upland sector)

11.50-14.00 – demonstration of flax fiber processing (Roztocze sector)

pre-treatment of flax (farm in Teodorówka),

making ropes (farm in Teodorówka),

spinning linen threads on a spinning wheel (cottage from Bukowa),

measuring the canvas  (the barn from Bukowa),

weaving (barn from Korytków Duży),

canvas bleaching (farm in Korytków Duży),

canvas printing with the use of wooden matrices (barn from Korytków Duży).

11.50-14.00 – Linen playground for children (next to the yard in Teodorówka, Roztocze sector)


We encourage you to spend the next Sunday at the Lublin Village Museum and explore linen secrets with us.


– – –


Tickets: PLN 20 / normal, PLN 10 / reduced