Horse ploughing show

7 April 2019

Presentation of spring field works.


Easter Festival

13-14 April 2019

Easter fair, handicraft workshops and demonstrations of traditional preparations for Easter.


The European Museum Night 2019. The Night Tales

18/19 May 2019

The night walk in the museum scenery of village and town.

(reservation required)


Elimination rounds to the Provincial Festival of Folk Bands and Singers

26 May 2019



2 June 2019

Mowing meadows with old tools.


Horse Fair

9 June 2019

The performance of horse fair from the 1930s.


Saint John’s Eve

22 June 2019

Ritual spectacle, throwing wreaths into the water and bonfire dances.


Folk party

6 July 2019

Dancing party with folk live music.


 Harvest time

21 July 2019

Presentations of field works during the harvest time.


The Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and church fair

15 August 2019

The holy mass with a procession in the church from Matczyn.


Harvest festiwal

18 August 2019

The holly mass with the blessing of wreath and performance of harvest festiwal customs.


Folk party

24 August 2019

Dancing party with folk live music.


Flax Sunday

25 August 2019

Harvest and processing of flax with the use of museum exhibits.


National Reading Day

Date chosen by the Chancellery of the President.


Bread Festival

8 September 2019

Fair of bread and traditional local products.


Potato harvest

22 September 2019

Presentations of former works during potato harvesting.


Cabbage shredding for winter

29 September 2019

Folk customs relating to pickling of the cabbage.


Feathers tearing

17 November 2019

Performance relating to the traditional custom of feathers tearing.

(reservation required)


Tales of St.Andrew’s Day

24 November 2019

The tale about St. Andrew’s Day customs and fortune-telling plays.

(reservation required)