EUROPEAN HERITAGE DAYS in the Lublin Voivodeship
12-13.09.2020 and

The 28th European Heritage Days will be inaugurated soon. It is the largest social and educational project in Europe, the most important celebration of the monuments of the Old Continent. The main goal of the EHD is to promote the regional cultural heritage and to remind about the common roots of European culture.

This year’s edition of EHD will take place on two September weekends (12-13th September, 2020 and 19-20th September, 2020) and will be under the slogan ‘My Way’.

This year, as part of the European Heritage Days, our region organises, among others, workshops, meetings with authors, lectures, exhibitions, walks, city games, etc.

This year’s EHD theme made it possible to organise for example photo exhibitions, including: Sacred buildings of the Gmina Puławy in the photographs of Aneta Ciesielska prepared by the Gminny Ośrodek Kultury w Puławach [Commune Cultural Center in Puławy] with its central office in Gołąb. The exhibition is a kind of journey through the historical and religious places of the Gmina Puławy. On the other hand Był sobie przemysłowy Lublin [‘Once upon a time there was an industrial Lublin’] is a part of the series W obiektywie Pana Jacka [‘In the lens of sir Jacek’] to which the Galeria Po 11 Schodach Młodzieżowego Domu Kultury nr 2 in Lublin [Cultural Gallery for Youth] invites everyone. Zamoyscy i Zamość – ścieżkami historii i kultury [Zamoyscy and Zamość – paths of history and culture] is an exhibition about the Zamoyski family who left behind an extraordinary European heritage. The exhibition was prepared by Książnica Zamojska im. Stanisław Kostki Zamoyskiego in Zamość.

Among the events which interpret the slogan ‘My Way’ will include thematic walks combined with sightseeing. Centrum Kultury i Promocji [the Center of Culture and Advertisement] in Kraśnik, together with the town itself, invite you to travel together as part of the Moja Droga – kierunek Kraśnik [‘My Way – Kraśnik direction’] event. The meeting agenda includes a stroll through the old town, during which local historians will discuss the history of the city, its multiculturalism and heritage. On the other hand, Trudne drogi do wolności [‘Difficult Roads to Freedom’] is an event organised by the State Museum at Majdanek, which prepared a unique tour combined with a lecture. The participants of the meeting will have a chance to learn not only the history of the German Nazi concentration camp in Lublin, but also the further journey of Majdanek’s prisoners deported to other camps. During the event, the organisers will also talk about the post-war fate of selected prisoners and their path after regaining freedom.

Traditionally, as part of this year’s EHD celebrations, there will be lectures for example Droga Józefa Ignacego Kraszewskiego [‘Józef Ignacy Kraszewski’s Path’] an event that encouraged us to reread the works of J.I. Kraszewski, his correspondence and biography, as well as an encouragement to reflect on the life of the author Kordecki, which was the path of faith and humility. The main point of the ceremony will be the opening of the exhibition entitled Modlitwy serca Józefa Ignacego Kraszewskiego [‘Prayers of the heart of Józef Ignacy Kraszewski’], there will be a visit to the court chapel dedicated to St. Anna. The event will be accompanied by the reading of selected fragments of J.I. Kraszewski’s writings, music concert and screening of the film entitled Uwikłany w historię [‘Entangled in history’]. Whereas the lecture entitled Dwór tu nie stał – niezwykła opowieść o podróży Dworu z Gościeradowa [‘The manor house did not stand here – an extraordinary story about the journey of the Manor House from Gościeradów’] is an offer of the Vistula Museum in Kazimierz Dolny. The meeting will be devoted to a building that traveled a distance of 60 kilometers to become a valuable monument in a picturesque town by the Vistula River.

As a part of this year’s celebration of monuments, there will also be open-air events, such as the Zaślubiny z Wisłą w Dęblinie [Wedding ceremony with the Vistula River in Dęblin] during which the Hymn to the Baltic Sea [Hymn do Baltyku] will be sung together and the words of the Rota Vow [Rota Ślubowania] will be delivered.

This year’s celebration of the European Heritage Days also includes online events, including The post-war path of the Zamoyski family prepared by the Zamoyski Museum in Kozłówka. It is a conversation with Inka Zamoyska, the youngest daughter of the last owners of Kozłówka, about the post-war fate of the Zamoyski family. On the other hand, the Internet exhibition of Kazimierz Nowak’s photographs is a proposal of the Municipal Public Library Na Poziomie, Filia nr 40 Miejskiej Biblioteki Publicznej im. H. Łopacińskiego in Lublin.


The above events are only some of the attractions organised as part of this year’s European Heritage Days celebrations in our voivodeship. We invite you to familiarise yourself with the full schedule of events prepared by local organisers.


Detailed information is available on the nationwide website