25 March 2018



Scratched Easter eggs (11.00-12.30) – Participants will get familiar with the patterns of such Easter eggs typical of Lublin Region and they will create their works by themselves. Additionally, they will hear the story and some information about ritual artefacts.

the place:  the school from Bobrowniki (the town sector)

the organiser: Iwona Olech


Wax-and-dye Easter eggs (12.30- 2.00 p.m.) – During the workshop a brief story and tradition of decorating Easter eggs with wax, i.e. using batik technique will be presented. Basing on so-called motives of Lublin Region and using the traditional tools, participants will make their Easter eggs.

the place: the school from Bobrowniki (the town sector)

the organiser: Marzena Bury


The number of available places is limited – registration can be done by e-mail: promocja@skansen.lublin.pl

The workshops are intended for the participants above 8 years old.

The cost of the workshops is 10 PLN + an entrance ticket fee to the Museum.