The area is available only for walking without sightseeing the interiors.



1. Firehouse from Bedlno


The firehouse from Bedlno is the only object in the Museum which can be visited in the Podlasie sector. It is a wooden, wide front with a felt-covered roof. It does not have an observation tower. The interior consists of two rooms: a club-room with a stage and a room to store fire brigade equipment. The firehouse was built circa 1930-1932 for the Volunteer Fire Association in Bedlno. A building work was supervised by a local carpenter Jan Zdziebłowski. Bales and benches were brought from a poplar logging situated near a highroad from Borki to Wola Osowińska. Stanisław Ośmiałowski, a landlord form Żabikowo gave the other part of wood. The exhibition reconstructs the situation form 1936 when the fire brigade in Bedlno consisted of 18-20 firemen, Julian Jeruzalski was a chief and Konstanty Ochnio was a chairman. At that time the Volunteer Fire Department in Bedlno owned one fire pump (which was transported with a horse-drawn cart), a water cart, about 6 meters of suction hoses and about 60 meters of pressure hoses. There was also other equipment such as: 4 buckets, 5 fire hooks, 1 ladder, 1 fire flapper and a dozen of uniforms with brass helmets.