Harvest time

The presentation of  traditional field works in the harvest time, including the demonstration of mowing the grain with a scythe and horse-drawn mower, making straw ropes, relaxation and meals of harvesters. All of this will take place in a picturesque scenery of the Museum’s village.

During the so-called “przednówek” (the period preceding the new harvest) people living in villages experienced the lack of bread, however they felt happy, because they were able to finally bring in the grain after a long time of waiting. The harvest was treated as a great “event” and a general joy. In the Museum the harvesters and the women who help them will emphasise this fact by wearing neat, linen clothes. We will demonstrate mowing the grain with a scythe and horse-drawn mower. We will invite those who want to go back in time circa 80-90 years and enjoy the smell of the newly mown grain, to try mowing with a scythe, making straw ropes and bringing the grain in. We will present the old harvesting tools and harvest customs in the Museum’s barn, which was usually used for storing the grain.


– the demonstration of mowing the grain with a scythe, horse-drawn mower

– the opportunity to try mowing with a scythe

– the traditional meal of harvesters on a field

– the exhibition of tools used for harvesting

– the presentation of works related to the grain processing


The Holy Mass will take place in the church from Matczyn at 4 p.m.