Harvest festival

The event will start at 2 p.m. with a Holy Mass in the church from Matczyn from 1686. On Sunday, like in the past, the collator lodge in the church will be reserved for the family of the heir and the nave will be reserved for harvesters with harvest wreaths.


After the Holy Mass the harvest festival procession will march through the Museum’s town and village of the Lublin Upland to the manor from Żyrzyn.


The elements of the harvest ceremony, which will be presented on the porch of the manor, include – giving a harvest wreath made from a wooden form in compliance with the tradition of the Sławin, the place where The Lublin Open Air Village Museum is located and wreaths put on the heads of heirs by leading women according to the harvest ceremony in Guzówka manor near Wysokie village.



– Holy Mass in the church from Matczyn (at 4 p.m)

– the harvest festival procession from the church to the manor from Żyrzyn

– the performance presenting manor’s harvest festival customs according to the traditions of Sławin manor and Guzówka village.